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BCM Box 2005
London, WC1N 3XX United Kingdom


Weave Records™ is an independent label for Jazz, Art and Contemporary World music.

Our vision is to make a significant contribution to these genres as we document the careers of our Artists.

Our albums are of the finest quality, recorded to the highest standard possible. We seek music that is both accessible and unusual. As producers, we blur the boundaries between genres, allowing our Artists to find new forms of expression through hybrid musical forms and to reflect an evolving musical landscape.

With a steadily growing catalogue, we invite you on a musical journey sure to span several decades.

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  1. Days Distinctive Attab Haddad Ensemble
    Days Distinctive
    January 22, 2012
  2. Ivan's Dream Katya Sourikova
    Ivan's Dream
    November 01, 2011
  3. Angels & Satellites Katya Sourikova
    Angels & Satellites
    January 05, 2011

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