Dox Records


P.O. Box 11177
Amsterdam, 1001 GD
ph. +31 (0)20 3011167


Dox Records

publisher of Wouter Hamel, Benjamin Herman amongst others.

'Dox Records, not just records!'

Dox Records is a record label, bookingsagency and takes care of publishing. Dox Records is also a production company for jam sessions, musical battles, and many other projects.

Founded in 1997 by members of the band Sfeq, Dox was intended to provide an alternative musical resource in the Dutch record industry. The name “Dox” comes from the ancient Greek, Doxa, which means “idea”, or “opinion.” Dox is a platform for bands and projects that are rooted in improvised music and free format experimentation.

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  1. Hypochristmastreefuzz (Special Edition) Benjamin Herman
    Hypochristmastreefuzz (Special Edition)
    November 18, 2010
  2. Nobody's Tune Wouter Hamel
    Nobody's Tune
    December 05, 2009

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