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Doodlin' Records


CA 95125
ph. 408.448.3337
em. info@doodlinrecords.com

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Doodlin’ Records follows the goals and objectives set forth by the Doodlin’ Lounge radio program. That is to say, the light of recognition and acknowledgement continues to be cast upon those who are involved in the study and preservation of America’s treasured classical music. It is a spot for all musicians who feel a soul jazz simpatico to share ideas and develop their music to it’s most satisfying and soulful manifestation. Doodlin’ Records would like to facilitate those musicians from the Soul Jazz era and beyond who still have the love and passion for this great musical art form to play and perform it on record for future generations

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  1. North Beach Blues Lonnie Gasperini Organ Trio
    North Beach Blues
    March 17, 2008

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